He stretches out the north over empty space;
He hangs the earth on nothing (Job 26:7).
Scientific Foreknowledge
... He hangs the earth
on nothing (Job 26:7).
The earth hangs from nothing? How could Job have reported this great scientific truth in c. 2000 BC?
Book Overview

The purpose of this work is to set forth the many evidences demonstrating that the Bible must be the Word of God, that more might come to saving faith in Christ.

Drawing from personal experience, the author is convinced that more would believe, if only they were made aware of the many evidences solidly supporting the Christian faith. 100 Reasons to Believe is written specifically for these unaware individuals, and, indeed, for all sincere seekers of truth who long for evidence to back up their faith. But in this increasingly noisy and distracted world, some will fall through the cracks if the presentation consists of merely black words on a white page. More could be reached with a calculated use of visuals.

The great distinguishing characteristic of this work is its use of eye-pleasing, attention-grabbing/retaining visuals. Each of the 100 Reasons is presented in a self-contained, two-page storyboard, with an image always leading off the left-hand side page. Shaded/boxed theme statements are added, along with scannable text and the calculated use of white space. The result is an easier and more enjoyable reading experience that promises to draw more sincere seekers into the exciting, faith-reinforcing world of Christian apologetics. Once pursuaded that the Bible is indeed the Word of God, it is only natural to ask: "According to the Bible, what must I do to be saved?" The Appendix provides a Biblical answer to this most important of all questions, again using two-page storyboards. Coming full circle, with God's added blessing, the stated purpose of this work will have been accomplished in the lives of those previously unaware individuals, who are now trusting in Christ alone for their salvation.

In a day and culture where anti-theists tend to have the loudest voices of influence, Dr. Graf reminds his readers with succinct clarity of the unshakeable integrity and veracity of Scripture. This is a great read and resource, beautifully illustrating the consistent coherence of scientific inquiry with the Word of God, across numerous fields of study.

-MIKE CASTELLI, Lead Pastor, The Chapel in Green, Ohio
Former Senior Research Engineer with Ohio Aerospace Institute at NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio 
This is a faith-reinforcing must-read for all who wish to believe that the Bible is more than "just another book".

-MARK CANFORA, Author, Alive in Heaven
Founder of We've Got Hope Ministries
Just got the book.....can't put it down!!! --- D.C., Canal Fulton, OH
I just received my 100 Reasons to Believe in the mail yesterday and am really enjoying it. I even shared it with a couple of people at the office today who seemed to take interest in it. --- M.B., Cary, NC
I posted my new post on my blog and it shares about your book. I embedded a hyperlink to Amazon's website for your book. You did a great job in it. --- F.C., New Braunfels, TX
Before your book came, our son was struggling with the issue of there being evidence to back up the Bible. Your book has been a Godsend because he has read it in just a few days, and it has really opened his eyes. I expect that your book will be a blessing to countless people, as it already has been for us!
... M.B., Marshallville, OH
It is an impressive work --- exceptionally well-written and illustrated, very readable, and a scholarly endeavor. --- R.W., Blythewood, SC